Literary Representation
Laurie Abkemeier
Defiore & Company
e: Laurie@defliterary.com

I’m an artist and author from a small town in England who currently lives in London. I hope my books will make the world a better place, even if it’s only in tiny ways. I hope my work will make me a better person. “My work” means all of the creative things that I like, or would like, to do. At the moment I’m trying to focus on writing more and thinking less.

I’m interested in making work about me, and you, and how we fit into the same world. My work used to be less dark and more funny, just like the world I guess. A lot of things make me sad and anxious these days, but even more things make me happy. I like to travel to places I've never been. I have more questions than answers. 

I have too many ideas for my own good, maybe you’d like some?

Photos by Jayne Yong

I do things like: writing, lettering, book covers, illustration, "art", workshops, art direction, murals,  pessimistic yet inspiring talks, and more that I can't remember.

For people like: VH1, The School of Life, Penguin Random House, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Little Brown & Company, Urban Graphic, Cass Art, and almost New York Magazine (I know!).

Which have been mentioned by: Design Week, Computer Arts, Shortlist, Total Film, Tumblr, Lettercult, Design Milk, and Chris Martin's mate once asked me to send Chris a t-shirt which he apparently "loved".

Instagram: @LeeCrutchley

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